Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945.

Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945.

Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945. And questions why this day of horror and celebration is not given its just recognition.

Koontz explains, with the rioting, burning and death in many major cities in the last year and a focus on the history of our nation America. Many organizations continue to denigrate our great country who freed the world from ruthless dictators in the name of liberty as we sacrificed the lives of many of our brave troops while others returned injured. These godless dictators through history were responsible for over 160 million deaths in the most horrific way. But one that stands out is Adolf Hitler the most infamous murderer of them all. Why? His psychotic genius. He devised a systematic method of the genocide of human beings that he deemed inferior to his Arian Race and his master plan of world domination. All those that were considered inferior from the sick, disabled, mixed blood lines, gays, trade workers, Jehovah Witnesses’ yes many Catholics etc. were included in his master plan. But the most targeted was the Jewish people. A political scape goat used to remove a competent and historic people. Hitler’s delusional belief was that this mass murder would solve all of the world’s problems. This genocide began just a few miles outside Berlin in the first Concentration camp known as Dachau in 1933. First created as a prisoner of war camp but later a death factory. Koontz continued, as a Greek American on my mother’s side we were told stories of Mousselines and Hitler’s invasion of Greece and the brutal violence inflicted on Greek Citizens at the hand of the German soldiers and SS. Many of the Greek people helped Jewish citizens to flee to the mountains and leave their homes to hide in protection of their lives. Many who left did survived, many who did not faced the same fate as the Jews throughout Europe.

He continues, that once the 42nd Rainbow division rolled into Dachau in hopes of finding a regulated POW camp, instead found to their horror the unimaginable. The liberators were shocked to find piles of emaciated corpses, train cars filled with corpses and walking skeletons in the thousands of those that survived, perhaps by an act of God. This death camp was christened by the notorious Heinrich Himmler and any group deemed an enemy of, or spoke defiance of the National Socialist Nazi Party were incarcerated or put to death. Mike believes we must never forget this history especially with Israel being threatened today by similar rhetoric and assault. Koontz continues “we must stand strong behind our Jewish friends and Israel. Therefore I believe that The Day of Freedom should be established for all people of liberty as a celebration of Dachau’s Liberation. April 29th”

A day to remember.

Senate Candidate Koontz from the 37th will not accept a salary in his first year but rather a vote of confidence from the constituents.

Mike Koontz has announced that when elected, he will not accept a salary in the first year for his time and services to the 37th District. He says he will instead use his first year to gain the respect of citizens of the 37th through a process of merit and accomplishment. Should the taxpayers feel that his job rating is good, then they can determine whether he should be reimbursed on their dime. He goes on to say that they can vote online, yea or nay on salary and he will comply.

Instead he will donate his salary to organizations like Homeless Vets, a homeless cause or education studies for low income students. 

“In the private sector job and pay raises are based on merit and accomplishment, or you look somewhere else” says Koontz.      

Property Tax Solutions

Property Tax Solutions

Property Value Averaging is one place to start.

Each municipality is responsible for not exceeding budgetary levels beyond the taxpayer’s approval. Much of new major expenses should be decided at the voting booth in each municipality.

However the idea that wealthier communities send more funds to Trenton then less prosperous communities is not a way of lowering taxes in fact it is discriminatory and a formula for waste. Property taxes should be determined on an average of land and structure value, the word is average. Each Business, Homeowner or Landowner must bear the burden of tax increases by challenging their Municipal budgets and state wide costs for labor and services including teachers’ salaries, structural additions and administration costs. Everyone must pay their fair share no matter where the property is located.

A NJ Department of Treasury State Account should be established for an aggressive property rebate program. This account should be funded by cutting waste and bloated deficits on state programs and services. Full budgetary transparency should be supported. The rebates standard should be set proportionately and based on existing taxes levels in each municipality low to high with rebates staring at $1,000.00 through to $2,000.00 yearly. Rebate reductions or increases would apply when increases or decreases occur on the municipal level, leaving the decision in the hands of the property taxpayers.

I also like the Alaska dividend reimbursement model that invests a percentage of its funds in stocks and mutual funds then passes those profits back to the taxpayers at a whopping $3,500 – $4,500.00 as a yearly rebate.  In New Jerseys’ case, to curb property taxes.

The Pro-Active “Contract With 37” Team believes there are unlimited financially creative methods to lower property taxes that continue to be ignored by a Democratic Governor and State Legislators.

The team will work tirelessly in the Legislature to draft a solution and solve this problem.

Life of Tax: What Americans Will Pay in Taxes Over a Lifetime

Life of Tax: What Americans Will Pay in Taxes Over a Lifetime

Wow, New Jersey pays the MOST.  We pay almost 50% of what we earn towards our taxes.

Time to change the leadership in NJ and our district.  What do you have to show for the last 70 years of democratic control??  Think about that for a moment and then consider why you continue to vote for the democratic platform of “TAX and SPEND”.

Key statistics

  • The average American will pay $525,037 in taxes throughout their lifetime
  • That’s an average of 34.3% of all lifetime earnings spent on taxes
  • Residents of New Jersey will pay the most in lifetime taxes ($931,000) and people in West Virginia will pay the least ($321,000)
  • Tax on earnings is where most tax will come from, with the average American paying $339,173 in a lifetime
  • Owning a car will cost an additional $29,521 in tax payments alone
  • Tax on property will set you back an additional $128,581 above the property price and maintenance
  • Tax payers in California will pay the most on everyday expenses ($40,084), followed by New Yorkers ($39,745)

Source:  Self Financial

NJ Democrats Still Silent on Murphy Administration’s Nursing Home Covid Induced Deaths

NJ Democrats Still Silent on Murphy Administration’s Nursing Home Covid Induced Deaths

Trenton NJ, you could call it a tale of two states. After the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, sent COVID patients into nursing and veterans’ homes – resulting in the deaths of thousands – the Democrats in that state called for an independent investigation. When the Governor insisted that he should be the one to investigate himself, New York Democrats demanded that he step aside.

Apparently, that is not how it works in New Jersey. As the latest press release of the Sussex County Democrat duo of Scott Paul and Mike Vrabel illustrates – in New Jersey, Democrats are a pack of apologists and “yes men”. They are too afraid to disturb Governor Phil Murphy’s easily ruffled feathers.

In New Jersey, more than 8,000 blessed souls died because of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order 103, which was specifically cited by the state’s Health Commissioner when she ordered nursing and veterans’ homes to take in COVID patients. The directors of these long-term care facilities begged the state to reconsider and told them people would die – but the Murphy Administration carelessly plowed ahead.

Source:  RidgewoodBlog

Governor to Give American Relief Plan (ARP) Funds to Illegals

Edward Durfee, NJ District 37 Republican Assembly candidate states, “It isn’t bad enough that we are a sanctuary state, now the guv wants to reward those that came here illegally with our relief funds.  That is our money that was taxed out of our labor.  This is an outrage.  What part of American does he not understand?  Our legislature should be voting and determining the best use for these funds.  Not distributed by an out of control oligarch like Murphy.”  As reported in USA Today,

In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, is weighing requests that some of the state’s $6.4 billion share be given to undocumented workers, who largely have not benefited from prior stimulus plans. Three dozen workers have started a fast and protested to be included.

New Jersey a State of Financial Chaos

New Jersey a State of Financial Chaos

The District 37 Republican candidates agree that New Jersey has been in budgetary and financial collapse with little or no solution from the present Assembly or Senate.  Sky rocketing deficits of $214 billion in pension fund borrowing to pay over extended teachers pensions with little or no negotiations to reduce this burden on the Taxpayers of New Jersey. Everyone has to bear the responsibility for reducing their burden on the taxpayers and reduce these expenditures. A 5-10 % over pension pay out should be enacted with other oversight to reduce this debt.

There are over 65 thousand State Employees, a record bloating of employees, no longer tenable given our overall debt. A 5-10% reduction in these jobs are necessary, turning to electronic alternatives to fill services.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the Country on average at $8,000. While the national average is $2,500. This has caused the greatest migration out of the state in our history and even the country as a whole.

Should the tax debt come due today, each resident of the state would owe $58,000.

We have an oppressive gasoline tax along with up to 50 extra hidden taxes and surcharges on goods and services.

Instead of taking a focused look at New Jerseys’ debt issue, reviewed at a National level as a “F” rating by a budget review commission, The Democratic State Senate, Assembly and Governor have once again placed this burden on the backs of the hard working New Jersey Taxpayers. This has been an ongoing crisis for 25 years.  This one party rule has to end today.

Balance the budget to cut taxes and stop the waste.

Treasury Rescue Won’t Bail Out Chicago, New Jersey From Debt

Treasury Rescue Won’t Bail Out Chicago, New Jersey From Debt

Time for new leadership that will create actual budgets and not spending plans.

We the People of New Jersey deserve better.

We are governed by tax and spend democrats that rely on borrowing for so called budget balancing.  The US Treasury has just stated that the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds must go to the citizens, NOT THE DEBT.


The U.S. Treasury Department is sending a message to states and cities that the billions in aid from the American Rescue Plan should provide relief to residents, not their governments’ debt burdens.

The department on Monday released guidance on how state and local governments can use $350 billion in funding from President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion rescue package. The funds are intended to help states and local governments make up for lost revenue, curb the pandemic, bolster economic recoveries, and support industries hit by Covid-19 restrictions. In a surprise to some, these funds can’t be used for debt payments, a potential complication for fiscally stressed governments that had already etched out plans to pay off loans.


New Closures Draw Backlash As NJ MVC Makes More Changes

Here is a great example of government gone wild.  The Governor continues to hinder all of us to satisfy his own desire to be king.  See the following article from Patch.

More changes have come to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission now that the agency has drawn backlash from lawmakers regarding new closures.

O’Scanlon said the Murphy Administration is relying on” outdated, unnecessary” policies when the Motor Vehicle Commission closes a facility for two weeks or longer after an employee tests positive for COVID.

“The fact that we are still somehow closing MVC locations for two weeks for quarantining and ‘deep cleaning’ after one employee tests positive is absolutely outrageous,” said O’Scanlon. “Nowhere is still observing such heavy-handed, unscientific policies . . . not Home Depot, not supermarkets, not car dealerships, not doctors’ offices, not restaurants . . . no one. And none of these entities is suffering any ill health impact.

Source: NJ Patch