On The Point Of Our American Flag

On The Point Of Our American Flag

Edward Durfee, District 37 Republican Assembly candidate states, “The American Flag, “The Stars and Stripes”, unites ALL AMERICANS. The only flag that should fly over our cities, towns and municipal centers should the American Flag.  It represents us ALL.  Remember our motto, “e Pluribus Unum”.

It is despicable that the District 38 Democrats would not only politicize the actions of other duly elected but that they would support any other flag being flown over our town and municipalities.

Reason Is No Longer Required

The continued mantra coming from the so-called Democratic Party has turned into blah, blah, blah.

By the monotonous tone of the “left of center news media”, the lies and innuendos continue, to the point of appearing to be truth. That being said, “Telling a lie for long enough, it becomes truth”.

Take for instance the gorilla in the room, the Oath Keepers. When you take the cover off the box and take an unbiased look inside, what do you see? You see men and women whom love their country. Men and women whom continue to “Honor the Sacred Oath” they swore when first entering the service. Offering their service to provide relief efforts for others that have been flooded out, displaced by hurricanes and tornadoes. Members that step up and donate their time and treasure to facilitate relief efforts to provide food and other necessities to those displaced by disaster.

The lie is that Oath Keepers are a right wing militia. That we are some violent group of former and currently serving law enforcement, military, fire fighters and other first responders, ready to over throw the government that we serve, that we are a group of white supremacist trouble makers. This is so distant from the truth that it is laughable.

Our code of conduct and our bylaws state the opposite of these so-called disclosures that come from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an official sounding group that is no more than a front for those that which to shape the progressive narrative for all Americans to live by.

I encourage those swayed by the continual drone of the “left of center news media” to do your own due diligence. Seek and you shall find truth. Do not be fooled by the continual drool of this mantra of hate.