Senate Candidate Koontz from the 37th will not accept a salary in his first year but rather a vote of confidence from the constituents.

Mike Koontz has announced that when elected, he will not accept a salary in the first year for his time and services to the 37th District. He says he will instead use his first year to gain the respect of citizens of the 37th through a process of merit and accomplishment. Should the taxpayers feel that his job rating is good, then they can determine whether he should be reimbursed on their dime. He goes on to say that they can vote online, yea or nay on salary and he will comply.

Instead he will donate his salary to organizations like Homeless Vets, a homeless cause or education studies for low income students. 

“In the private sector job and pay raises are based on merit and accomplishment, or you look somewhere else” says Koontz.      

Property Tax Solutions

Property Tax Solutions

Property Value Averaging is one place to start.

Each municipality is responsible for not exceeding budgetary levels beyond the taxpayer’s approval. Much of new major expenses should be decided at the voting booth in each municipality.

However the idea that wealthier communities send more funds to Trenton then less prosperous communities is not a way of lowering taxes in fact it is discriminatory and a formula for waste. Property taxes should be determined on an average of land and structure value, the word is average. Each Business, Homeowner or Landowner must bear the burden of tax increases by challenging their Municipal budgets and state wide costs for labor and services including teachers’ salaries, structural additions and administration costs. Everyone must pay their fair share no matter where the property is located.

A NJ Department of Treasury State Account should be established for an aggressive property rebate program. This account should be funded by cutting waste and bloated deficits on state programs and services. Full budgetary transparency should be supported. The rebates standard should be set proportionately and based on existing taxes levels in each municipality low to high with rebates staring at $1,000.00 through to $2,000.00 yearly. Rebate reductions or increases would apply when increases or decreases occur on the municipal level, leaving the decision in the hands of the property taxpayers.

I also like the Alaska dividend reimbursement model that invests a percentage of its funds in stocks and mutual funds then passes those profits back to the taxpayers at a whopping $3,500 – $4,500.00 as a yearly rebate.  In New Jerseys’ case, to curb property taxes.

The Pro-Active “Contract With 37” Team believes there are unlimited financially creative methods to lower property taxes that continue to be ignored by a Democratic Governor and State Legislators.

The team will work tirelessly in the Legislature to draft a solution and solve this problem.

Governor to Give American Relief Plan (ARP) Funds to Illegals

Edward Durfee, NJ District 37 Republican Assembly candidate states, “It isn’t bad enough that we are a sanctuary state, now the guv wants to reward those that came here illegally with our relief funds.  That is our money that was taxed out of our labor.  This is an outrage.  What part of American does he not understand?  Our legislature should be voting and determining the best use for these funds.  Not distributed by an out of control oligarch like Murphy.”  As reported in USA Today,

In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, is weighing requests that some of the state’s $6.4 billion share be given to undocumented workers, who largely have not benefited from prior stimulus plans. Three dozen workers have started a fast and protested to be included.

New Jersey a State of Financial Chaos

New Jersey a State of Financial Chaos

The District 37 Republican candidates agree that New Jersey has been in budgetary and financial collapse with little or no solution from the present Assembly or Senate.  Sky rocketing deficits of $214 billion in pension fund borrowing to pay over extended teachers pensions with little or no negotiations to reduce this burden on the Taxpayers of New Jersey. Everyone has to bear the responsibility for reducing their burden on the taxpayers and reduce these expenditures. A 5-10 % over pension pay out should be enacted with other oversight to reduce this debt.

There are over 65 thousand State Employees, a record bloating of employees, no longer tenable given our overall debt. A 5-10% reduction in these jobs are necessary, turning to electronic alternatives to fill services.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the Country on average at $8,000. While the national average is $2,500. This has caused the greatest migration out of the state in our history and even the country as a whole.

Should the tax debt come due today, each resident of the state would owe $58,000.

We have an oppressive gasoline tax along with up to 50 extra hidden taxes and surcharges on goods and services.

Instead of taking a focused look at New Jerseys’ debt issue, reviewed at a National level as a “F” rating by a budget review commission, The Democratic State Senate, Assembly and Governor have once again placed this burden on the backs of the hard working New Jersey Taxpayers. This has been an ongoing crisis for 25 years.  This one party rule has to end today.

Balance the budget to cut taxes and stop the waste.

On The Point Of Our American Flag

On The Point Of Our American Flag

Edward Durfee, District 37 Republican Assembly candidate states, “The American Flag, “The Stars and Stripes”, unites ALL AMERICANS. The only flag that should fly over our cities, towns and municipal centers should the American Flag.  It represents us ALL.  Remember our motto, “e Pluribus Unum”.

It is despicable that the District 38 Democrats would not only politicize the actions of other duly elected but that they would support any other flag being flown over our town and municipalities.

Koontz Report on Covid19 and Alternatives to Panic while Maintaining Freedom and Health

Koontz Report on Covid19 and Alternatives to Panic while Maintaining Freedom and Health,

Had no response from Weinberg or Murphy


Mr. Koontz a Candidate for Senate in the 37th District 2021 prepared a report for retiring State Senator Loretta Weinberg in May of 2020 just over three months into the national pandemic. He notes that many doctors of high esteem in epidemiology and infectious diseases such as Dr. Marc Segal and Dr. John Ioannidis were not in concert with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC. Mr. Koontz was inspired by his intuition and the data that was surfacing during the early stages of the Covid surge. He claims that not only was the origin of the virus suspicious but our response and solutions were based on fear, lack of knowledge and poor choices. Koontz touts Dr. Marc Segal’s book False Alarm which features the epidemic of fear as an underlining crisis and the control of our lives through influences of media, government and the medical establishment. Mr. Koontz dose not claim that virus is not real or a fabrication of our imagination but rather man made virus that needed an alternative response.

Koontz was assured by Senator Weinberg’s Office that my effort to inform her of an alternative positions on the Covid crisis would be reviewed and then dispatched via her Legislative email address to Governor Murphy. Sadly he never got a response from The Senator’s Office or Murphy.

He now shares his report dated 5/20/2020 with the citizens of the 37th district and New Jersey, on the Covid Pandemic. An alternative approach appears could have worked. As fate would have it Mr. Koontz now a candidate for the State Senate Position in the 37th district, NJ.

Reason Is No Longer Required

The continued mantra coming from the so-called Democratic Party has turned into blah, blah, blah.

By the monotonous tone of the “left of center news media”, the lies and innuendos continue, to the point of appearing to be truth. That being said, “Telling a lie for long enough, it becomes truth”.

Take for instance the gorilla in the room, the Oath Keepers. When you take the cover off the box and take an unbiased look inside, what do you see? You see men and women whom love their country. Men and women whom continue to “Honor the Sacred Oath” they swore when first entering the service. Offering their service to provide relief efforts for others that have been flooded out, displaced by hurricanes and tornadoes. Members that step up and donate their time and treasure to facilitate relief efforts to provide food and other necessities to those displaced by disaster.

The lie is that Oath Keepers are a right wing militia. That we are some violent group of former and currently serving law enforcement, military, fire fighters and other first responders, ready to over throw the government that we serve, that we are a group of white supremacist trouble makers. This is so distant from the truth that it is laughable.

Our code of conduct and our bylaws state the opposite of these so-called disclosures that come from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an official sounding group that is no more than a front for those that which to shape the progressive narrative for all Americans to live by.

I encourage those swayed by the continual drone of the “left of center news media” to do your own due diligence. Seek and you shall find truth. Do not be fooled by the continual drool of this mantra of hate.