Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945.

Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945.

Senate Candidate Koontz recalls the Liberation of Dachau 75 years ago April 29th 1945. And questions why this day of horror and celebration is not given its just recognition.

Koontz explains, with the rioting, burning and death in many major cities in the last year and a focus on the history of our nation America. Many organizations continue to denigrate our great country who freed the world from ruthless dictators in the name of liberty as we sacrificed the lives of many of our brave troops while others returned injured. These godless dictators through history were responsible for over 160 million deaths in the most horrific way. But one that stands out is Adolf Hitler the most infamous murderer of them all. Why? His psychotic genius. He devised a systematic method of the genocide of human beings that he deemed inferior to his Arian Race and his master plan of world domination. All those that were considered inferior from the sick, disabled, mixed blood lines, gays, trade workers, Jehovah Witnesses’ yes many Catholics etc. were included in his master plan. But the most targeted was the Jewish people. A political scape goat used to remove a competent and historic people. Hitler’s delusional belief was that this mass murder would solve all of the world’s problems. This genocide began just a few miles outside Berlin in the first Concentration camp known as Dachau in 1933. First created as a prisoner of war camp but later a death factory. Koontz continued, as a Greek American on my mother’s side we were told stories of Mousselines and Hitler’s invasion of Greece and the brutal violence inflicted on Greek Citizens at the hand of the German soldiers and SS. Many of the Greek people helped Jewish citizens to flee to the mountains and leave their homes to hide in protection of their lives. Many who left did survived, many who did not faced the same fate as the Jews throughout Europe.

He continues, that once the 42nd Rainbow division rolled into Dachau in hopes of finding a regulated POW camp, instead found to their horror the unimaginable. The liberators were shocked to find piles of emaciated corpses, train cars filled with corpses and walking skeletons in the thousands of those that survived, perhaps by an act of God. This death camp was christened by the notorious Heinrich Himmler and any group deemed an enemy of, or spoke defiance of the National Socialist Nazi Party were incarcerated or put to death. Mike believes we must never forget this history especially with Israel being threatened today by similar rhetoric and assault. Koontz continues “we must stand strong behind our Jewish friends and Israel. Therefore I believe that The Day of Freedom should be established for all people of liberty as a celebration of Dachau’s Liberation. April 29th”

A day to remember.

Covid Report – May 20 2020

From: Michael W. Koontz                                                              

To: The Honorable Loretta Weinberg State Senator 37dst. NJ, USA
545 Cedar Lane, # 1
Teaneck, NJ

Dear Senator Weinberg,

As a Community Advocate, Business Owner and Private Citizen I took a personal look at the Corvid Virus Crisis and the impact on our Community, State and Nation.

At my own suggestion and by other officials who were informed of my intention to submit a report of details and concerns available of over oversight from day to day. This includes the support needed to provide adequate information for safety, health and economic recovery regarding Covid 19. I included facts and observations below. Including published statistic’s and some referenced from notable experts.

Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), Remdezivir and Zinc Sulfate was found to be effective in arresting the symptoms of Covid 19 this in order that the patient can recover as soon as possible and therefore allow their immune system to create antibodies as a natural defense for future infections. These medications can also be administered as a prophylactic against infection. Although there are some limited side effects which can be determined by a patient’s medical history and verified by their primary care physician or monitored by hospital physicians. I know of two cases where these medications were lifesaving after infection.

I surveyed four major Hospitals in Bergen County including Hackensack Meridian, Hackensack, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, and Englewood Hospital, in all cases the medications listed above are available and can be administered with the approval of the patient with a suggested history review by the physician. Or can be prescribed by your personal physician, It may be advisable to consult with your physician and obtain a letter of approval. (Side effects should be considered) but are low to nonexistent, considering the alternative, death.

There are two other testing sights beside Bergen Community College and Bergen Regional Hospital (check hours and scheduling on line), and Englewood Hospital testing sight a drive up by appointment through your physician in minutes, this along with Hackensack Hospital Wellness Center located on Rt. 17 north 87-Rt. 17 drive-in. It’s important your primary physician is a member of the hospitals network, easily verified by calling your doctor and having his office make an appointment. Results are available in 24-72 hours. Both your doctor and testing site will call you or you can request your results. I recently tested negative at the Englewood site. The facility was well organized and preformed services in a timely manner. My wait time was 10-15 minutes and 30 seconds for the test. All taken in your vehicle by a qualified medical technician. (On a scale of 1-5, I gave the experience a 5).


Although some concern for the spread of the Covid Virus should include distancing and stay at home my research found, only the most vulnerable individual’s should be isolated with care most ages are 65 and older with exceptions. It’s important to note that people below that age 1years old to 60 years in graduated age levels who do not have persisting conditions, have a chance of non-infection at 98% or infection free. Again keep in mind preexisting conditions when making a decision. As of 4/29/2020 the NY Times chart or infections and death are fairly low in NJ with 6100 deaths and some 116,000 infections base % Deaths .064 and infections 1.3 % of overall population. Please check latest stats, which are reputable. Also many people who either succumb to the virus or suffer extreme symptoms or may have some preexisting conditions which should be listed as such since they may be more valuable, for example from Heart Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Cancers etc. In this case the virus could have contributed to their condition or death.

Herding, Shutdowns and Hospital Care:

Herding a term used by the medical community especially in viruses and cotangent illnesses is a natural immune system of building antibodies through lower level infection and the result of building these antibodies internally, naturally, fighting off re-occurrence in most cases. It’s important not to separate people once the virus has been contained in its early stages.

Also open spaces such as parks, shorelines, walk lanes and sport center should be open and available for maintaining good health. Fresh air, exercise, Vitamin D and Natural Light are essential to good health and repair and maintenance of the immune system. Distancing should be applied by individuals participating in recreation and monitored by Local Park Personal or Police but only for limited time.

Getting people back to work is very important since the economic impact can be more devastating than the illness with business closings and job layoffs. It is estimated that increases 1% of the population nationwide can suffer depression and suicide, 3.4 % rise in drug abuse, 4% in alcohol abuse along with an increase stress affecting every variety of illness. Also the impact of hospital’s serving Covid patients with minimal illness and deferring clinical treatment for uninfected patients who have ongoing hospital procedure’s and schedules causes additional health concerns and a depressed economic health care system in our hospitals, with closings in extreme cases. 


Mask use may not service any deterrent to the infection since most of the population is not infected at this date and many masks are useless. However keep in mind, the mask creates a lack of normal oxygen and fresh air with an increase of carbon dioxide along with re-circulation of existing germs or microbes in the nose and mouth, instead of purging through normal breathing. Many people who wear masks complain of feeling over heated, breathless, and not well, increasing symptoms of allergies, pulmonary concerns feeling faint. Masks are good at the beginning of the virus but should be slowly reduced in usage at a given times especially when population returns to normal activity and the virus is determined to be less cotangent.    

Open Businesses:

Last, business owners are suffering a devastating economic impact and need to get back to their general operations. Many of these owner can easily follow suggested recommendations and create their own safety guidelines. Distancing, tables, workstations and customer lines with separation. Goods and Services are not a challenge once an instruction is laid out and clients are informed of the rules.

Thank you for the opportunity for submitting this research. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me. Through support, information and experience we can make our society stronger, safer and independent.

Michael W. Koontz