Critical Race Theory Seven Hard Truths

Critical Race Theory Seven Hard Truths

  • America is about individual equality, not group equity. The idea behind CRT is that America
    is just groups, defined by skin color
  • equal opportunity is not an equal outcome. The constitution, as amended, gives all
    Americans an equal shot
  • CRT is itself racist. CRT not only assigns all life grievances by one race to another. It
    suggests black and white citizens with equal education, employment, ideas, industry, and effort
    cannot attain similar outcomes
  • CRT denies upward mobility. CRT denies the idea that hard work and equal protection
    succeed. Upward mobility is the gaping hole in Marx’s bucket, draining it of power
  • CRT empowers elites to persecute. Every Marxist country in the world, every country that
    has ever picked a racial, ethnic, religious, or economic group to blame for society’s ills, has done
    so by empowering an elite to push mass persecution
  • CRT ignores data. Perhaps the biggest lie in CRT is that America is racist. No country in
    the world attracts more minorities than America. We are the magnet, with the largest immigrant
    population in the world, forty million Americans born elsewhere—most minorities, many African

Robert B. Charles
Source: AMAC Magazine

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What is AMAC’s Stance on Critical Race Theory

The Association of Mature American Citizens strongly opposes the Marxist-Lenin based and un-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) intended to spawn resentment, blame, guilt, fear, silence, and ultimately division among Americans. It falsely redefines America’s history as a struggle between ‘oppressors’ (white people) and the ‘oppressed’ (everybody else). It wrongly labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as ‘systemically’ or ‘structurally’ racist. It seeks to displace and replace the American Constitution and laws commitment to “individual equal opportunity” with “racial group equity” – a philosophy that only serves to displace those not in that racial grouping.

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