District 37 Candidates, Koontz, Durfee and Patrick endorse Diversity to Excellence Project.

District 37 Candidates, Koontz, Durfee and Patrick endorse Diversity to Excellence Project.

Senate candidate Mike Koontz and Assembly candidates, Edward Durfee and Perley Patrick, have outlined a community outreach project they call Diversity to Excellence. This is a focused policy that can fast track all residents, with greater concerns for young adults, to a life that has meaning; especially for those that have a history of human inequities and misfortunes.

The 37th district has a most diverse community which we believe is our strength. Our community is a microcosm of the country made up of African Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasian Americans, Latino Americans and many more ethic groups and those with alternative life styles.

When elected, we will establish an outreach program with community participation starting with 6 members from each municipality including one team leader appointed by the committee that can collaborate with our district 37 legislative office to establish solutions for the concerns in each of our 13 towns. This would include a handbook of all the available services and opportunities in our district, county, state and federal government including contact names and programs with a policy that will fast track citizens for help and success by a proactive approach, merit based and district support system that actually can gain results. It’s as simple as connecting the dots. We will stress higher education, technical schooling, after school training, tutoring, crisis management, mentoring, sports and health within a safe environment to excel in your community.

Financing is of great importance and we will encourage both government agencies and the private sector to pitch in with both budgetary allotments and donations.  This will get the funds to those that most need the help, encourage a willingness to excel and then in turn help others. “What a great idea”, says Koontz, unity in every corner of our communities. With mentoring in every category and a mission to empower each individual, I call it unconditional empowerment and entrepreneurship by becoming part of the private sector either as an owner or qualified employee.

The “Contract With 37” team say, “If you give us the opportunity to serve, we will create the opportunities that will make our district a beam of light that sets the example for others. Help us to help you.”

Support “Diversity to Excellence”.

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