Democratic Senate Candidate Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, Ducks Debate with Republican Candidate Mike Koontz in District 37

Democratic Senate Candidate Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, Ducks Debate with Republican Candidate Mike Koontz in District 37

Teaneck NJ, on 10/27/2021 – Mike Koontz and his two assembly running mates, Edward Durfee and Perley Patrick, participated in a sign wave at the 545 Cedar Lane office of Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, the Democratic Senate Candidate for the 37th District of New Jersey. The purpose of the event was to bring attention to both Gordon Johnson and his running mates, Ellen Park and Shama Haider, who replaced his original choices for Assembly because of questions of ethics and bias commentary. They refuse to debate the Republican Senate and Assembly candidates Koontz, Durfee and Patrick.

Koontz explains “We believe we extended an invitation by accepting The Bergen County League of Woman Voters request to participate in a political forum on or about 8/18/2021 to be scheduled on October 13. Either as a Live or Zoom event. As the date approached I contacted the League to find that Johnson had declined the debate a short time before the planned date.“ Mr. Koontz then contacted the Johnson office to find a surprised staff that such a request had been received. However the staff member indicated the importance in such a forum as a public service. This encounter was relayed to the League with no avail.

On 10/9 Mr. Koontz had encountered Mr. Johnson at the 2021 Korean Festival at Overpeck Park. Mr. Koontz once again raised the question of a debate to Mr. Johnson and was met with a nervous humor from Johnson who said, “we should go for a beer before any debates.” Koontz replied, “why not after the debate.” Johnson continued to ignore the invite.

Once again Koontz contacted the Bergen Chapter of the NAACP in hopes a forum could be arranged similar to the debate between Bergen Clerk Candidates, Bridget Kelly and John Hogan. Again after two attempts to arrange a meeting there was no response.

Mr. Koontz and his running mates believe that Johnson and his running mates are compromising the 37th district constituents by not holding a debate especially considering the serious issues facing New Jeresy and the district. Some of these issues are oppressive property taxes, a State Budget out of control, Gasoline Tax and Garden State Parkway increases, unanswered Covid deaths of seniors and vets, a failing DMV and broke transportation fund, while small and medium businesses have failed due to Governor Murphy’s lock downs. This on the heels of possible vaccine mandates to come. Most if not all of these policies are supported by Gordon Johnson. In addition the 37th district traffic congestion is creating pollution and safety issues and is going unchecked. In addition, four towns and their residents are living below the poverty level while homelessness increases.

Koontz believes now more than ever that it is necessary to discuss these issues. As a result Koontz and his running mates along with a group of supporters had to bring the issue of Debate avoidance by Johnson to light by having the sign wave in Teaneck. Koontz maintains, “what is Gordon afraid of; if the shoe was on the other foot I would agree and the citizen’s deserve it.”





Reason Is No Longer Required

Reason Is No Longer Required

Reason Is No Longer Required

The continued mantra coming from the so-called Democratic Party has turned into blah, blah, blah.

By the monotonous tone of the “left of center news media”, the lies and innuendos continue, to the point of appearing to be truth. That being said, “Telling a lie for long enough, it becomes truth”.

Take for instance the gorilla in the room, the Oath Keepers. When you take the cover off the box and take an unbiased look inside, what do you see? You see men and women whom love their country. Men and women whom continue to “Honor the Sacred Oath” they swore when first entering the service. Offering their service to provide relief efforts for others that have been flooded out, displaced by hurricanes and tornadoes. Members that step up and donate their time and treasure to facilitate relief efforts to provide food and other necessities to those displaced by disaster.

The lie is that Oath Keepers are a right wing militia. That we are some violent group of former and currently serving law enforcement, military, fire fighters and other first responders, ready to over throw the government that we serve, that we are a group of white supremacist trouble makers. This is so distant from the truth that it is laughable.

Our code of conduct and our bylaws state the opposite of these so-called disclosures that come from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an official sounding group that is no more than a front for those that which to shape the progressive narrative for all Americans to live by.

I encourage those swayed by the continual drone of the “left of center news media” to do your own due diligence. Seek and you shall find truth. Do not be fooled by the continual drool of this mantra of hate.

New Jersey Has Historic Decision

New Jersey Has Historic Decision

For immediate release:

The citizens of New Jersey and Bergen County have a historic decision to make this November. The odds are they will do nothing and we the people will get nothing new. I am calling on ALL those that have not voted regularly to carefully consider your duty and vote. We can continue to be ruled over by our governor, legislature and local councils, or we can make a needed change. We are currently operating by “ONE PARTY RULES” that have given us nothing but more rules and regulations to control us. The flip-side is that WE CONTROL OUR Governance. We seem to have forgotten this and hence the “ONE PARTY RULES”. Living here in Bergen County has become costlier with higher and higher taxes that fund our state. I encourage ALL VOTERS TO DO THEIR DUTY AND VOTE! Remember that the decision is your duty. Regardless of party affiliation, vote for the message not the party. Liberty is ours to lose if we continue to allow those that we elect to rule over us and divide us into classes of voters. Our national motto must not be forgotten, “e pluribus unum”; “from many, one”.

Edward Durfee
Northvale Republican Municipal Chair
State District 37 Republican Candidate

Critical Race Theory Seven Hard Truths

Critical Race Theory Seven Hard Truths

  • America is about individual equality, not group equity. The idea behind CRT is that America
    is just groups, defined by skin color
  • equal opportunity is not an equal outcome. The constitution, as amended, gives all
    Americans an equal shot
  • CRT is itself racist. CRT not only assigns all life grievances by one race to another. It
    suggests black and white citizens with equal education, employment, ideas, industry, and effort
    cannot attain similar outcomes
  • CRT denies upward mobility. CRT denies the idea that hard work and equal protection
    succeed. Upward mobility is the gaping hole in Marx’s bucket, draining it of power
  • CRT empowers elites to persecute. Every Marxist country in the world, every country that
    has ever picked a racial, ethnic, religious, or economic group to blame for society’s ills, has done
    so by empowering an elite to push mass persecution
  • CRT ignores data. Perhaps the biggest lie in CRT is that America is racist. No country in
    the world attracts more minorities than America. We are the magnet, with the largest immigrant
    population in the world, forty million Americans born elsewhere—most minorities, many African

Robert B. Charles
Source: AMAC Magazine

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What is AMAC’s Stance on Critical Race Theory

The Association of Mature American Citizens strongly opposes the Marxist-Lenin based and un-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) intended to spawn resentment, blame, guilt, fear, silence, and ultimately division among Americans. It falsely redefines America’s history as a struggle between ‘oppressors’ (white people) and the ‘oppressed’ (everybody else). It wrongly labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as ‘systemically’ or ‘structurally’ racist. It seeks to displace and replace the American Constitution and laws commitment to “individual equal opportunity” with “racial group equity” – a philosophy that only serves to displace those not in that racial grouping.

The “Pro-Active District 37 Team” is firmly opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT)

The “Pro-Active District 37 Team” is firmly opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT)

The “Pro-Active District 37 Team”, representing the fundamentals of our constitution, community and people of faith, from Northvale to Palisades Park, is firmly opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), or its fundamental precepts under any other name, to our children.

This CRT is founded in the origins of Marxism, responsible for over 200 million political deaths in the last century. It is tied to the 1619 Project, which is a false narrative being exploited by Democrats and left leaning groups, which has absolutely no validity to our independence. When carefully examined, the 1619 Project is filled with an inaccurate history on the origins of slavery and indentured servants which arrived on our Northern Continent with the English settlers of the 1600’s and has no basis for the 1776 liberty of our country.

CRT and 1619 walk hand in hand as a method to divide our country and children. It will not stand. We will refute those that seek to exploit this issue. Let us get back to teaching Reading, Writing, Math and Science to prepare our children to be productive Americans.

Critical Race Theory is antithetical to one of our foundational mottos, “One Nation Under God,” and to the fundamental American ideal expressed best by Rev. Martin Luther King that one ought to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

President Lincoln reminded us of the Biblical truth that a house divided cannot stand, and so we must oppose any attempt to cause division among our children. He also taught us that the philosophy in the classroom of one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Critical Race Theory would set us on a projection toward tribalism and conflict, as is already being evidenced.

Not only must we oppose attempts to divide us; we must also reaffirm the basic truth of Americanism that we are “One Nation Under God,” and it is that view that takes precedence over our ethnic or cultural distinctions.

The “Pro-Active District 37 Team” encourages parents to be engaged in this battle for the minds and hearts of our children.  We will support them as they stand for righteousness, justice and equality as prescribed in our founding documents.


The D37 Legislative Team of Koontz, Durfee and Patrick

The Koontz, Durfee, Patrick, “Pro-Active Team For 37”, will protect the Bill of Rights

The Koontz, Durfee, Patrick, “Pro-Active Team For 37”, will protect the Bill of Rights

The Koontz, Durfee, Patrick, “Pro-Active Team For 37”, will protect the Bill of Rights, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.  The audacity of our government employees to consider maintaining a list of so-called “extremist” organizations.  Of course the “One-Party” ruling class cleared this bill out of committee.  Rest assured that our team will protect your voice and will never be watered down or stifled by ludicrous bills such as A-5790.

On behalf of her party and Governor Phil Murphy, Democrat Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-Hudson) recently proposed bill number A-5790 which “requires the Attorney General to establish and maintain a domestic extremist organization database.”  Yesterday, the bill cleared the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee, which is chaired by Assemblywoman McKnight.

Under A-5790, you don’t need to be convicted of a crime to become a target and end up on a list of extremists – a public list, accessible by potential employers, neighbors, and such.  Under McKnight’s bill, merely the accusation that you might “commit or plan” a crime “motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint” is enough.

Koontz reports “On Voter Integrity, 2020 Election”.

Koontz reports “On Voter Integrity, 2020 Election”.

He cites legitimate concerns for New Jersey on voting fraud and elections that could be compromised, “Voter ID is the Answer”.

With an ongoing concern on the voting integrity in the 2020 Election, and a recent audit of the Maricopa County Arizona vote totals, (authorized and approved by the State Legislation and Arizona Court,) could generate a result that proves a different winner in the 2020 Presidential Election. New Jersey has had a history of voter fraud and irregularities in its cities including Paterson. The national issues now raise concerns and bring a need for solutions. In addition, New Jersey contracts with Dominion Voting Systems which are in question, hackable and could compromise any election. Koontz’s report will shed light on our most valuable right, our sacred right to vote.

The solution is Voter ID or the use of an existing photo ID, like the drivers license, to verify registered voters. Koontz concludes that universal mail-in voting without ID verification must not be allowed. Koontz also supports Election Day voting not extending beyond the date of the election. Mail in voting should be restricted to thirty days before election and dated by the U.S.P.S. as proof of date. He says these rules are simple and backed by the Carter/Baker Report of 2005.

As a Trouble Shooter for nine years with Board of Elections Bergen County, I am pleased to report our team in Hackensack led by retiring Patricia DiCostanzo, Superintendent, is excellent. Thanks Patty for your service!

District 37 Candidates, Koontz, Durfee and Patrick endorse Diversity to Excellence Project.

District 37 Candidates, Koontz, Durfee and Patrick endorse Diversity to Excellence Project.

Senate candidate Mike Koontz and Assembly candidates, Edward Durfee and Perley Patrick, have outlined a community outreach project they call Diversity to Excellence. This is a focused policy that can fast track all residents, with greater concerns for young adults, to a life that has meaning; especially for those that have a history of human inequities and misfortunes.

The 37th district has a most diverse community which we believe is our strength. Our community is a microcosm of the country made up of African Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasian Americans, Latino Americans and many more ethic groups and those with alternative life styles.

When elected, we will establish an outreach program with community participation starting with 6 members from each municipality including one team leader appointed by the committee that can collaborate with our district 37 legislative office to establish solutions for the concerns in each of our 13 towns. This would include a handbook of all the available services and opportunities in our district, county, state and federal government including contact names and programs with a policy that will fast track citizens for help and success by a proactive approach, merit based and district support system that actually can gain results. It’s as simple as connecting the dots. We will stress higher education, technical schooling, after school training, tutoring, crisis management, mentoring, sports and health within a safe environment to excel in your community.

Financing is of great importance and we will encourage both government agencies and the private sector to pitch in with both budgetary allotments and donations.  This will get the funds to those that most need the help, encourage a willingness to excel and then in turn help others. “What a great idea”, says Koontz, unity in every corner of our communities. With mentoring in every category and a mission to empower each individual, I call it unconditional empowerment and entrepreneurship by becoming part of the private sector either as an owner or qualified employee.

The “Contract With 37” team say, “If you give us the opportunity to serve, we will create the opportunities that will make our district a beam of light that sets the example for others. Help us to help you.”

Support “Diversity to Excellence”.