Johnson Bills

Assembly     Johnson, Gordon M.   as First Prime    Primary Sponsor    Co-Sponsor

A712 Transfers probation employees from Judiciary to State Parole Board.
A713 Prohibits lawyers and law firms who lobby public entity from simultaneous employment or contract with that public entity.
A714 Requires notification of local law enforcement prior to expungement of certain mental health records of prospective firearms purchasers.
A715 Prohibits business receiving State development subsidies from making certain campaign contributions.
A716 Confers civil service status on police officers employed by Rutgers University.
A717 Provides for jurisdiction for prosecution for certain crimes against minors committed outside New Jersey.
A718 Establishes award of attorney’s fees to prevailing party in municipal services dispute.
A719 Extends from one to two years after leaving employment period during which Executive Branch department heads cannot act as governmental affairs agent.
A720 Establishes supervised community reintegration program for certain victims of domestic abuse.
A721 Clarifies that civilian public safety directors of municipal, county, and State police departments do not have police powers.
A722 Imposes requirements on video visitation service contracts for inmates in certain correctional facilities; requires correctional facilities to allow contact visits.
A723 Prohibits disqualification of certain minority-owned and women-owned businesses for certification.
A724 Includes crime of creating false public alarms as form of bias intimidation.
A725 Allows municipality to issue permits to sell alcoholic beverages in residential redevelopment areas.
A726 Provides sales and use tax exemption for sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles.
A727 Provides gross income tax exclusion for capital gains from sale of certain employer securities by qualified businesses that result in net positive benefit to State.
A728 Requires correctional facilities to provide voting rights information packets to inmates.
A729 Expands categories of individuals who may bring a claim under wrongful imprisonment statute.
A730 Requires halfway house employees to complete police training course.
A731 Increases contribution limit by counties and municipalities to volunteer first aid, ambulance, and rescue squads.