Koontz Report on Covid19 and Alternatives to Panic while Maintaining Freedom and Health

Koontz Report on Covid19 and Alternatives to Panic while Maintaining Freedom and Health,

Had no response from Weinberg or Murphy


Mr. Koontz a Candidate for Senate in the 37th District 2021 prepared a report for retiring State Senator Loretta Weinberg in May of 2020 just over three months into the national pandemic. He notes that many doctors of high esteem in epidemiology and infectious diseases such as Dr. Marc Segal and Dr. John Ioannidis were not in concert with Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC. Mr. Koontz was inspired by his intuition and the data that was surfacing during the early stages of the Covid surge. He claims that not only was the origin of the virus suspicious but our response and solutions were based on fear, lack of knowledge and poor choices. Koontz touts Dr. Marc Segal’s book False Alarm which features the epidemic of fear as an underlining crisis and the control of our lives through influences of media, government and the medical establishment. Mr. Koontz dose not claim that virus is not real or a fabrication of our imagination but rather man made virus that needed an alternative response.

Koontz was assured by Senator Weinberg’s Office that my effort to inform her of an alternative positions on the Covid crisis would be reviewed and then dispatched via her Legislative email address to Governor Murphy. Sadly he never got a response from The Senator’s Office or Murphy.

He now shares his report dated 5/20/2020 with the citizens of the 37th district and New Jersey, on the Covid Pandemic. An alternative approach appears could have worked. As fate would have it Mr. Koontz now a candidate for the State Senate Position in the 37th district, NJ.

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