Koontz reports “On Voter Integrity, 2020 Election”.

Koontz reports “On Voter Integrity, 2020 Election”.

He cites legitimate concerns for New Jersey on voting fraud and elections that could be compromised, “Voter ID is the Answer”.

With an ongoing concern on the voting integrity in the 2020 Election, and a recent audit of the Maricopa County Arizona vote totals, (authorized and approved by the State Legislation and Arizona Court,) could generate a result that proves a different winner in the 2020 Presidential Election. New Jersey has had a history of voter fraud and irregularities in its cities including Paterson. The national issues now raise concerns and bring a need for solutions. In addition, New Jersey contracts with Dominion Voting Systems which are in question, hackable and could compromise any election. Koontz’s report will shed light on our most valuable right, our sacred right to vote.

The solution is Voter ID or the use of an existing photo ID, like the drivers license, to verify registered voters. Koontz concludes that universal mail-in voting without ID verification must not be allowed. Koontz also supports Election Day voting not extending beyond the date of the election. Mail in voting should be restricted to thirty days before election and dated by the U.S.P.S. as proof of date. He says these rules are simple and backed by the Carter/Baker Report of 2005.

As a Trouble Shooter for nine years with Board of Elections Bergen County, I am pleased to report our team in Hackensack led by retiring Patricia DiCostanzo, Superintendent, is excellent. Thanks Patty for your service!

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