New Closures Draw Backlash As NJ MVC Makes More Changes

Here is a great example of government gone wild.  The Governor continues to hinder all of us to satisfy his own desire to be king.  See the following article from Patch.

More changes have come to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission now that the agency has drawn backlash from lawmakers regarding new closures.

O’Scanlon said the Murphy Administration is relying on” outdated, unnecessary” policies when the Motor Vehicle Commission closes a facility for two weeks or longer after an employee tests positive for COVID.

“The fact that we are still somehow closing MVC locations for two weeks for quarantining and ‘deep cleaning’ after one employee tests positive is absolutely outrageous,” said O’Scanlon. “Nowhere is still observing such heavy-handed, unscientific policies . . . not Home Depot, not supermarkets, not car dealerships, not doctors’ offices, not restaurants . . . no one. And none of these entities is suffering any ill health impact.

Source: NJ Patch

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