New Jersey Has Historic Decision

New Jersey Has Historic Decision

For immediate release:

The citizens of New Jersey and Bergen County have a historic decision to make this November. The odds are they will do nothing and we the people will get nothing new. I am calling on ALL those that have not voted regularly to carefully consider your duty and vote. We can continue to be ruled over by our governor, legislature and local councils, or we can make a needed change. We are currently operating by “ONE PARTY RULES” that have given us nothing but more rules and regulations to control us. The flip-side is that WE CONTROL OUR Governance. We seem to have forgotten this and hence the “ONE PARTY RULES”. Living here in Bergen County has become costlier with higher and higher taxes that fund our state. I encourage ALL VOTERS TO DO THEIR DUTY AND VOTE! Remember that the decision is your duty. Regardless of party affiliation, vote for the message not the party. Liberty is ours to lose if we continue to allow those that we elect to rule over us and divide us into classes of voters. Our national motto must not be forgotten, “e pluribus unum”; “from many, one”.

Edward Durfee
Northvale Republican Municipal Chair
State District 37 Republican Candidate

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