Citizen Tax Relief

New Jersey has been in budgetary and financial collapse with little or no solution from the present Assembly or Senate.  Sky rocketing deficits of $214 billion in pension fund borrowing to pay over extended teachers pensions with little or no negotiations to reduce this burden on the Taxpayers of New Jersey. Everyone has to bear the responsibility for reducing their burden on the taxpayers and reduce these expenditures. A 5-10 % over pension pay out should be enacted with other oversight to reduce this debt.

There are over 65 thousand State Employees, a record bloating of employee no longer tenable given our overall debt. A 5-10% reduction in these jobs are necessary tuning to electronic alternatives to fill services.

New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the Country on average at $8,000. While the national average is $2,500. This cases the greatest migration out of state in our history and the country as a whole.

Should the tax debt come due today, each resident of the state would owe $58,000.

We have an oppressive gasoline tax along with up to 50 extra hidden taxes and surcharges on goods and services.

Instead of taking a focused look at New Jerseys’ debt issue, reviewed at a National level as a “F” rating by a budget review commission, The Democratic State Senate, Assembly and Governor have once again placed this burden on the backs of the hard working New Jersey Taxpayers. This has been an ongoing crisis for 25 years.

Balance the budget and cut taxes and stop the waste.