Senate Candidate Koontz from the 37th will not accept a salary in his first year but rather a vote of confidence from the constituents.

Mike Koontz has announced that when elected, he will not accept a salary in the first year for his time and services to the 37th District. He says he will instead use his first year to gain the respect of citizens of the 37th through a process of merit and accomplishment. Should the taxpayers feel that his job rating is good, then they can determine whether he should be reimbursed on their dime. He goes on to say that they can vote online, yea or nay on salary and he will comply.

Instead he will donate his salary to organizations like Homeless Vets, a homeless cause or education studies for low income students. 

“In the private sector job and pay raises are based on merit and accomplishment, or you look somewhere else” says Koontz.      

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